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7 Lazy Day Outfits Ideas For Looking Cute On the Go

7 Lazy Day Outfits Ideas For Looking Cute On the Go
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7 Casual Outfits Ideas For Looking Cute On the Go

Slept through your alarm again? It's happened to all of us. Most women take between 11 and 30 minutes to get ready, but now you have to prioritize your time. Will you sacrifice a shower? A full face of makeup? The intricate hairstyle you had planned for the day?

Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice your outfit. Here are some casual outfits you can throw together in minutes with whatever is found in your closet. 

Seven Casual Outfits That Anyone Can Create

Whether you're running late or just feeling lazy, you don't have to look the part. Here are seven easy ways you can look cute and feel comfortable in a hurry. 

1. A Dress and a Denim Jacket

Who wants to feel restricted by pants? This look requires only two pieces of clothing, but you can layer a scarf, jewelry, or other accessories to make your outfit complete.

For best results, combine a bright-colored or patterned dress with your favorite wash of denim. Looking for some affordable inspiration? Shop our selection of midi dresses.

2. A Crop Top and Shorts

If you're taking a day trip or just plan on being outdoors, a cute crop top paired with shorts will keep you cool and fashionable all day long. The key is the top; make a statement with a bold design, or opt for a solid colored top with patterned shorts.

For this look, you can make either black or denim shorts work with the crop top of your choice. You can even rock a high-waisted pair while still exposing a flattering amount of midriff. 

3. A Blouse and Jeans

Maybe you're going to a more dressier affair, like a meeting or interview. In this case, you don't have to go the whole nine yards with a blazer and slacks. Instead, go for a blouse and your choice of skinny or flare jeans. 

Blouses come in a variety of styles, so have fun creating this look while still giving off a professional vibe. Dress up your outfit with a pair of flats or wedges, and add your favorite handbag to keep it practical. 

4. Overalls 

Feeling artsy? The overalls might be for you. Thrift a pair that fits your style; there are some with shorts and some with longer pant legs that you can cuff at the bottom.

And they don't just come in denim — you can find a pair in solid colors or a pattern that pops. If you really want to customize your look and you have some downtime, you can even buy a pair of white or neutral ones and decorate them however you please.

Whatever route you take, combine your overalls with a vintage top and your favorite pair of sneakers, and you're good to go.

5. Checkered Shirt with Ripped Jeans

Every girl has a go-to flannel in the back of her closet. Break it out with some ripped jeans for an edgy, '90's-inspired look. Layer your favorite band tee under it and add a choker, or fishnets under the jeans, to make it even more punk-rock.

6. A T-Shirt and Leggings

Working out? Studying for finals? Feeling under the weather? The T-shirt and leggings combo is one of the most comfortable looks out there.

In colder temperatures, substitute a hoodie and a pair of fuzzy socks, then finish the look with a classic messy bun.

7. A Romper or Jumpsuit

Imagine everything you love about dresses, except with shorts or pants on the bottom — a comfortable, one-piece alternative if you're not feeling feminine enough for a dress.

The only downside? Taking it off to go to the bathroom. 

Final Notes

You don't have to reinvent your entire wardrobe to look cute and feel comfy. Most of these items are a staple in anyone's closet, so mix and match them to create the perfect casual outfits for any occasion. 

Looking for more fashion tips? Visit our blog monthly to help create your next look.


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